Saturday, June 13, 2015

Random musings

I have been negligent in my blogging of late. Honestly, I'm bad at this. I just frequently don't know what to write a blog post about, more often than not. And right now is no exception to that rule. Life has decided to kick me in the ass in both a bad and good way recently. It's a chaotic mess, really. But it's making me think now. I'm pretty certain that a book with nothing going wrong wouldn't be much fun to read. It would get boring if the characters were happy all, the time and it also wouldn't be believable. So, is there something about the human condition that seems to require that at times we must be miserable? If there's no conflict, no pain or sorrow to overcome, we wouldn't read the story. Maybe reading about someone else's fictional pain makes us feel better about our own? Who knows? It's just a thought that occurred to me. I do know that I would never be able to read a book where everyone was happy all the time. So that's my random thought for the day. I promise I'll get a better post in soon. Maybe I'll make this a regular thing. The random thought of the day. See ya around gang.