Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm so thrilled to reveal the beautiful new cover to the next book in the The City of Dark Pleasures series, The Amber Columns.

But first a reminder about book I, The Obsidian Stairway:

blurbWhen O’Mara is assigned to report on a new sexual service in the City of Dark Pleasures -- one that has been the subject of much gossip -- she’s not sure what to expect. What she finds there only reminds her of all that has been lost in The Expiation.

She meets Tully -- handsome, attentive, mysterious and unlike any “servant” O’Mara has met in the Pleasures. His extraordinary service is about to allow her to experience a level of intimacy she has only ever imagined.

And now, here's a little synopsis of what's to come in The Amber Columns:

          Sex is what we sell in the City of Dark Pleasures. To work here you need to sequester your emotions, your humanity, your soul if there’s such a thing. If you don’t you’re in danger of losing it all together, permanently.
          For someone like me, my damaged soul is all I have left. I try to slip it off like a coat when I work, and most of the time I can. Most of the time no feelings at all come into what I do. But there are times I weaken, times when patrons get to me either for good or ill. Mostly ill.
          Once a woman I met got inside me like no one has. It wasn’t love, but it was as close as I will ever be. O’Mara was her name. O’Mara Tanner. Every morning I read her byline on the Island News Service. She writes about fluff—places to shop, entertainments to see. She wrote about me once. It was all lies, but I don’t hold that against her. Our civilization is built on lies. The brief time we spent together was all lies.
          Sometimes I think I would give up everything just to have O’Mara Tanner lie to me again.

          It’s only at night that I’m scared of him. During the day I think about his golden eyes, his warm skin and his velvety voice to the point of distraction. I could lose my job if I don’t get my shit together. A lost job means a lost income. If I can’t pay my rent I could lose my citizen status. And then what? Then I join him, working in the Pleasures?
          I could go and see him. I should go and see him. I can find the money somewhere and go and get him to hook me up to that infernal machine of his and lose myself in his beautiful dreamscape. The one in which we are lovers. If I can just spend another moment in that forlorn and hopeless dream I might be able to get him out of my system.
          As it is I’ve been masturbating until my fingers ache, and the skin of my clitoris is burning and raw. Whenever I climax I hear his voice, saying my name. Or I say his name.
          Maybe before the Expiation people knew that the love of a good man was a powerful, devastating intoxicant. It weakens you, distracts you, makes you prone to obsessive thoughts and lost productivity. Maybe that’s why they did it. To increase productivity.
          Love must be the most potent force on earth, if it can fuck you up even when you know it’s not real.

Without further ado, here's the lovely new cover:

obsidian2 copy

Isn't it gorgeous? And when you read the book and discover what he's looking up at it's even better! And if that's not enough to get you excited, here are a couple of teasers:

ac TEASER 1 copy       ac TEASER 2 copy

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Destination Staycation at AFK E&E

Alright, so it's been a while. Apologies again, I'm really just bad at that but I'm working on it. In other news through a happy coincidence I happen to have arrived in Washington the day before the Destination Staycation author signing event at the AFK Elixirs & Eatery in Renton this past Saturday the 27th. Jeffrey Cook, Lee French, Sechin Tower, AJ Downey, and several other wonderful writers were in attendance.

At the last minute AJ was able to get several print copies of I Am The Alpha delivered to her house and we had them on hand at the first Author signing I have every attended as one of the authors. It was also a wonderful experience since, how often are AJ and I, who live two states away from each other, going to be in the same place at the same time to Autograph one of our books for a fan?

Not often I can tell you that much.

It's been a wild few days since then, hence my tardiness in putting this post together but I had to process (and read my way through Sechin Towers Mad Science Institute novel) It was also a pleasure to meet Jeffrey in person, finally, as we have been friends for about two years now through Facebook and author groups that we are both members of. I shall be posting a few photos here, though I regretfully didn't take any during the even itself. We were having too much fun and talking to some wonderful readers and fans throughout the evening as well as the stellar staff at the AFK.

AFK, if you couldn't guess by the name, is a gaming and fantasy/sci-fi themed bar and restaurant.

I could go on about the location but this is a writing blog so I'll try to stick to that. It was a lot of fun getting to discuss writing and our stories with the other authors in attendance and my unplanned arrival was taken in stride and I was welcomed by everyone else. AJ and I had a blast explaining how our unusual partnership started to those patrons and fans that made their way over to speak to us and several of us went out of our way to try to get AJ completely plastered. She said she was but I don't know that I believe her, she was acting way too sober in my opinion.

The one shot I managed to remember to take of the table with AJ's Sacred Hearts series and I Am The Alpha on display. All in all it was an incredibly entertaining evening and an experience as an Author that I will never forget and I look forward to participating in many more signing events in the future.