Monday, August 3, 2015


So it's a fun and exciting time in the world of Ryan Kells. My debut work in the realm of PNR goes live tomorrow, August 4th of 2015. This is interesting in several ways.

First of all I never saw myself writing this kind of work to be honest. It was a genre I didn't care to read, usually and I didn't feel that I possessed the capacity to express those emotional extremes in a convincing or engaging way. I have since been informed that I am a moron and should just shut up and keep writing sexy, romantic stories, instead. Who am I to argue with such kind and gentle encouragement?

 Second strange and fascinating thing was working on this as a collaborative project with the amazing AJ Downey of SHMC Fame. Those that are familiar with her Sacred Hearts Motorcycle Club series understand how fantastic a writer she is. The rest of you should acquaint yourselves.


Go do it.

We will wait....


All right then, moving on...

It was an unusual and fun experience working with a fellow writer to polish and push the story ahead. Bouncing ideas off of each other we were able to structure the book and get the plot going into the direction that we wanted it to go with a minimum of fuss from our cast of characters. They argued a few times but we found compromise whenever possible and I believe we left with a happy cast all around in the world of the Moon Forged.

Third thing that's exciting and amazing is just that i have a book coming out in less than a day. This is a fun and terrifying time for any writer. Will people enjoy it? Will anyone buy it? Will they hate it? Worse yet... will anyone give it a bad review? These things, and others, flit through the mind of your average writer with the frequency of a bat swooping through the night to devour moths. Silent and creepy and altogether icky to most people.

But as writers we court this madness. If we can't handle it we don't stay in the game long. I'm having a certain amount of perverse delight in the chaos and terror this time is throwing my brain into. So I'm pretty sure I shall be in it for the long haul.

Now... I have a night of drunkering ahead of me for no one should face the release of a new book sober, or so that is my belief.

Have a good evening all, and I hope to hear from many of you soon with delighted praise for I Am The Alpha.

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