Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So, in my last post I mentioned that the Biker Chick Anthology I have written a submission for is going to have all proceeds go toward a charity that I couldn't remember. I have been properly admonished and reminded that it is going toward B.A.C.A, an awesome organization. Bikers Against Child Abuse is precisely what it sounds like. It's a group with members and chapters all over the country. Bikers, who's only purpose is to support and help children that are victims of abuse.

They act as security for the kids, even escorting them to and from school or standing guard outside their homes if need be and sitting in the courtroom with them if and when they are called to testify against their abusers in court.

I first heard of them a year or two ago in an article I read about an Arizona chapter of the group and one of the things I remembered was them speaking of a ten year old boy, sitting on the stand to testify against his abuser. The judge asked the boy, "are you afraid?" and he said no. When asked why he looked at the 50+ bikers sitting in the courtroom and said, "Because my friends are scarier than him."

These men don't get paid for time off of work or for maintenance on their bikes or gas to and from. Time away from their own families. Time that they selflessly offer up for a greater cause and I for one think it's a true testament to the brotherhood that an MC creates. The dedication to something more than yourself.


There's the link. Check them out. They're awesome and deserve all the support they can get.

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